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Enjoy Good Wave's accessories including SUP & kayak paddles and coolers!

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Browse through our collection of outdoor accessories including SUP paddles, kayak paddles, surf leashes, waterproof phone cases, anti-fog sprays, wetsuits, hand pumps, fishing coolers and much more.

At Good Wave, we hand pick the best surf accessories made by established and trusted brands, including some of our own. Discover all the essentials to keep in the trunk of the car and carry with to the water anytime. Make sure you have all the outoor accessories that you need for your upcoming surf trip.

Make sure you have all the required watersports accessories with you before you start your adventure!

  • SUP Paddle: Browse all kinds of high-quality stand up paddle board paddles for your next water sports adventure. Make sure you have the perfect paddle with you.
  • Hand Pump or Electric Pump: An electric pump saves a ton of time and energy inflating any of our inflatable paddle boards, or ISUP for short.
  • Anti-Fog Spray: GO PLACES this summer both underwater and above. Apply anti-fog spray once before mask use, then rinse with warm water.

From our entire Good Wave family, stay safe out there!


Is Good Wave based in Canada?

Yes! While originally from San Diego, we have teammates across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe

What is Good Wave’s standard accessory shipping time?

It typically takes 2 business days for us to process an order and 5-7 business days for shipping, but please excuse any delays due to Coronavirus. Feel free to reach out if you have any special requests such as an upcoming birthday, summer camp, etc.

Does Good Wave accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I contact Good Wave?

Urgent questions: please find us on chat on the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.

All other questions please use our contact form.

I want to order more than one accessory. Can I get a discount?

Likely yes, but please contact us since it depends on the product :)

Does Good Wave have inventory in a certain product?

If you can purchase it on our website, likely we have it. Sometimes we run out, but we can easily find you a replacement or refund your order if so.