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Inflatable Kayaks

NEW FOR 2021! We now have an amazing lineup of kayaks on Good Wave Canada.

What Our Customers Say

Inflatable Kayaks

An inflatable kayak is the modern adventurer’s dream of exploring new waters.

You can take inflatable kayaks on flat water, rivers, or even out on the ocean without fear of them popping and sinking! The best inflatable kayak allows you to take it pretty much anywhere and set it up on the spot – something that isn’t possible with a traditional kayak.

As we all know portability is the key feature of inflatable kayaks. It can be securely deflated and carried around in a super convenient backpack. Whether taking it a few steps from your car to the water, or on a much longer day hike into a state or national park, you have everything you need for your adventure.

At Good Wave, we bring a personally curated collection of inflatable kayaks from where you can choose the best for you. They’re premium quality, slick designed and fantastic kayaks for beginners to advanced paddlers!

With huge advancements this year in material quality and construction, our modern inflatable kayaks have become very durable and reliable on the water. If you are still confused with your choice you can contact us directly we are always there to help you. Just reach out!

Our inflatable kayaks collection will give you various size options as well as styles that will meet all your requirements. You will find inflatable kayaks that are made for fast-moving water, still water, touring, angling, ocean surfing, and more! Our inflatable kayaks meet everyone’s style, budget, and safety requirements.

Always use caution when paddling. Remember that even though problems like leaks and punctures are uncommon, they can still happen. Don’t expect your kayak to be damage-proof. If you use common sense and take care of your kayak, you should have no trouble paddling an inflatable kayak!

Any other questions about getting started with an inflatable kayak? Please do not hesitate to Contact us.

Stay safe!


Is Good Wave based in Canada?

Yes! While originally from San Diego, we have teammates across the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

What is Good Wave’s standard inflatable kayak shipping time?

It typically takes 2 business days for us to process an order and 5-7 business days for shipping, but please excuse any delays due to Coronavirus. Feel free to reach out if you have any special requests such as an upcoming birthday, summer camp, etc.

Does Good Wave accept returns?

Yes, please refer to our Shipping & Returns page.

How do I contact Good Wave?

Urgent questions: please find us on chat on the bottom right of the website! If we're unavailable, we're helping another customer so please just leave us a message.

All other questions please use our contact form.

I want to order more than one inflatable kayak. Can I get a discount?

Yes, please contact us.

Which inflatable kayak size is right for me or my family?

Please contact us. It mostly depends on what type of water you will be taking the kayak on.

Does Good Wave have inventory in a certain product?

If you can purchase it on our website, likely we have it. Sometimes we run out, but we can easily find you a replacement board or refund your order if so.