AquaBanas Bar Bana™ Inflatable Cover $12,728.66 CAD
The AquaBanas Bar Bana is a rapidly deployable inflatable cover that excels on a variety of terrains including beaches, grass, and other hard surfaces. Its sturdy drop stitch bar top is primed and ready for cocktail mixing. For brand promotion or event advertisement, all side panels can be removed and replaced with custom prints. The BT212 Tent, included in the set, provides fantastic shade and can also be branded for promotional purposes. Multiple anchor points are strategically placed throughout the set for secure tethering during outdoor events. The AquaBanas Bar Bana is a must-have for any gathering or occasion. Its ease of assembly and disassembly, combined with its superb function as a social hub and drink-mixing station, make it an optimal choice. The AquaBanas Bar Bana is an effective way to boost your brand or event visibility while also providing a fun, secure spot for people to convene. Features:  BanaGrip non-slip bar top surface  4 PVC Inflated Pillars for unrivaled stability  Drop stitch bar top construction to maintain item shape and provide stability  Hot air welded vs glued construction for best in class durability  Multiple anchoring points for use in multiple venues  Can be used on water for Day Clubs with floating platforms sold separately  Great for use as information kiosks at events  Side panels are removable for branding and logo opportunities   SKU DESCRIPTION INFLATED STORED WEIGHT AB0410 Bar Bana 152” x 152” x 110” | 385 x 385 x 280cm Bar: 46” x 30” x 18” | 117 x 76 x 46cmTent: 28” x 20” x 20” | 70 x 50 x 51cm Bar: 152 lbs | 69 kgsTent: 79 lbs | 39 kgs   Includes: (1) Bar Bana, (1) BT212 Tent, (1) Bar Bana, (2) storage wraps and (1) repair kit
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